"I consider myself very lucky to have been one of Caryn's students and strongly feel that my time with her has greatly improved my life." -Bonnie 

"Caryn Palmier is a GREAT yoga teacher. I have taken classes with countless yoga instructors and Caryn is by far the most advanced, sensitive and learned instructor I have ever met. I am especially prickly about the appropriation of all things Indian and the watered down and processed Americanizing of all things non-American. But Caryn has this way of paying respect to the discipline and its origins, while allowing you to make yoga all your own. So my endorsement has come hard won. I love yoga and have spent years trying to find a great teacher that is centered, non-new agey, but spiritually directed to the core in her yoga practice and direction, and extremely well trained and learned in different yoga styles (can I call them that?) like ashtanga, vinyasa and hatha. She's the real deal. And she's got some major skills. So with that....Caryn is the best yoga teacher I have ever had and I highly recommend you go to her class if you can." -Swati A.

"Caryn is the best and changed my life." -Derek F.

"My wife and I have been practicing Ashtanga yoga with Caryn for over five years. She has given us the kind of individual attention that cannot be found in group classes- her guidance and adjustments have deepened our physical awareness and helped us transform our bodies. Caryn has a warm, positive demeanor that reminds me of every good teacher I've known. Her encouragement helps us get through the tough poses, and she shares in the enthusiasm of our progress. Practicing yoga with Caryn is an incredibly rewarding experience, and we leave each class feeling better than when we walked in." -Matt S.

"Caryn made such a difference in my life!" -Marjorie 

"Caryn is a great teacher. She is just so amazing. She really is my most favorite. I have a problem with people who are too religious and are too sporty in their classes, and Caryn is so perfect! With the alignment and the giggles and the seriousness. She really is the best." -Carlos P.

"Meeting Caryn has been one of the best things about 2006." -Beth 

"...Marco was lost for 4 days on the sea without drinking and eating. He was found miraculously 50 km from Rhodes island. He was transferred by medical European assistance flight to the Bergamo Hospital in very serious conditions. He told me to write to you this letter, he cannot read nor write: 'Please come anytime you like. I miss you and your yoga. I am alive because of your yoga." -Dr. Vittorio V. on behalf of Marco

"Caryn taught me the best way to breathe and also how to begin to walk properly. I am very happy doing yoga with her, every time I feel better. I already miss her yoga!!! She is the best teacher for me and I'm thankful for her help."  -Marco

"Caryn is amazing!!! Truly." -Laura

"In June Caryn offered a class to a group of Childrens Brain Tumor Foundation moms at Complete Body - I'm sending a belated thank you! After the class, my body good-ached in a way that I had NEVER felt from yoga before. I *wish* I lived in Manhattan to work with Caryn again. Since that class I've felt pumped and ready to re-engage with yoga and generally get in-shape. Please keep up the good work - you never know whom you may inspire tomorrow!" -Kira N.

"Until I started doing yoga with Caryn I never knew how good my body was designed to feel" - Michael D.

"Caryn is a really great instructor. She is very professional, attentive and helpful. I would definitely recommend her classes to my friends" - Gail

Dear Caryn, I just wanted to thank you again for your caring instructions for my troubled back during the last yoga session. The class actually healed the leftover pain. After class I felt completely back to normal. It was just wonderful! Thank you for being so kind and patient with us. Your beautiful presence brings harmony into our Thursdays. - Olga C.

The best yoga class I’ve ever taken. - Alexi